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Interview Tips

  • Smile and maintain eye contact with the interviewer/s.
  • Sit still.  Don't lean on the interviewer's desk.
  • Use the interviewer's name, but not first name unless invited to do so.
  • Avoid using swear words and slang expressions.
  • Answer questions honestly and concisely. Don't ramble and don't attempt to take command of the job interview. If you don't know the answer to a question, say so.
  • Don’t criticise or be rude about your past employers, gossip about them or give out confidential information. It is unethical, and shows you cannot be trusted.
  • If you don't agree with something, say so politely - and say why. You have a mind of your own, so don't be afraid. On the other hand, rudeness and aggression are not admired and may destroy your prospects.
  • Do not discuss your personal, domestic or financial problems in an interview.
  • Leave questions about salary and job benefits until the end of the interview.
  • Ensure that any salary discussions with the interviewer are in line with that discussed with your agency, as negotiations will be handled by the consultant and may already be underway.
  • At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for his / her time and interest.
  • Soon after the interview, review your performance and make some notes. Interview notes will be a valuable guide in preparation for future interviews.


  • First impressions count so dress to impress.
  • Suit (solid colour - navy or dark grey) – for ladies suit skirt should be long enough to allow you to sit down comfortably.
  • Long sleeve shirt (white or coordinated with the suit) or Coordinated blouse for ladies.
  • Belt.
  • Tie.
  • Dark socks, conservative leather shoes.
  • Little or no jewellery - Limited jewellery (no dangling earrings or arms full of bracelets)
  • Neat, professional hairstyle.
  • Limit the aftershave and for ladies light make-up and perfume.
  • Neatly trimmed nails or manicure.
  • Portfolio or briefcase to take along.