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Our Recruitment Process  - 4 Easy Steps

1.     Assessment of Client needs

When representing a company Job Giant will contact the relevant manager to get a detailed understanding of the companies, position, team, required qualification, skills and responsibilities the candidate/s should have.

The consultant would determine how urgent the position needs to be filled, the interview process and when the candidate must be on board.

Job Giant would also discuss the fees with the manager of the company. (Terms and Conditions)

It is very important that Job Giant have a thorough understanding of the company. This would not just be the benefits like medical and pension but how a candidate would grow or develop holistically within the company.

2.     Sourcing & Qualifiying Candidates 

After understanding the job order, Job Giant will identify and select suitable candidates.

This is done through searching our current data base for suitable candidates. If there are none on the data base we will source relevant candidates by advertising the position on various website and job portals.

Candidates are qualified by a detailed interview which will determine how ready the candidate is for a new opportunity, the candidate’s expectation regarding a new company and position and whether the candidate’s salary is within the bracket that the companyis offering. We ensure all candidates CV's are scrutinised and all information obtained during the interviews is captured on the Job Giant CV.

3.     Presenting Candidates

When we are satisfied that we’ve selected only the best, most suitable candidates according to the job spec, we compile and present the CV’s in our template for the client.

Once the client has indicated they would like to interview the candidate and a suitable date has been agreed upon. Job Giant will prepare the candidate for the interview.

The candidate will be provided with the Address and Map, Detailed company information, Detailed Job Specifications as well as interview tips and questions.

After the interview Job Giant will determine who to contact as references. These would always be the managers or supervisors the candidate reported to directly. We also run all background checks, credit (ITC), criminal and qualification check through one of the accredited organizations.

Additional testing can be at the company’s request, please ask us about this.

4.     Successful Placement

After each interview, Job Giant will follow-up with the candidate and client to determine how the interview went and whether both sides are interested to take the process further. Should the candidate and company fit, Job Giant would direct both parties to the next steps in the client’s recruitment process.

Should the candidate/s not be suitable, Job Giant would re-qualify the job specifications and start the process from the beginning.

Since Job Giant is representing both the company and the candidate, we have a very good indication of what the candidate would accept and what the client would like to offer. We then act as mediator to ensure that both parties are happy with the deal and that wise choices has been made.

Job Giant will guide the candidate through the acceptance process by signing the offer letter or employment contract.

Job Giant has a 3 month guarantee period and in this period of time we have a follow-up process where we will contact the candidate’s we’ve placed for three months after commencement date or longer to confirm that everything is in order. We follow the same follow-up procedure with regards to our clients.

Should there be any problems we will encourage the candidate to take care of it by talking to management or any other necessary steps. If all else fails, we will contact management ourselves and try to resolve the concerns.