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Resume editing services South Africa


Benefits of utilising a CV writing service.

In the highly volatile, competitive job market there is a great deal of competition for vacancies, and you need an edge over other job seekers. How can you make sure that YOU stand out from the crowd?.............Simple, make Job Giant's professional CV writing service your first choice!

We see applications time and time again from candidates that have drafted their own CV, but have left out important, relevant information, underselling themselves and failing to make an impression. Spelling, grammatical errors, difficult to read layouts and too much irrelevant information can all reduce the effectiveness of your CV, despite having the qualifications for the job. First impressions count and your CV needs to sell your personality, skills and experience.

The top reasons why using a professional CV Writing Service will be well worth the investment and will give you that competitive advantage:

  1. LOOKS MATTER: The CV you present to an employer / recruiter needs to be perfect in every way or this first impression may be the last. Your resume should have a polished, professional appearance, no errors and should clearly display your most important experience and qualifications.
  2. BE OBJECTIVE: Job seekers often feel that everything they have accomplished, from the first day at school to date, needs to be on their CV and find it impossible to objectively pick out the important. A professional CV writer will look at your work history and educational experience and eliminate the unnecessary while adding in what's most important.
  3. TAILORED AND TARGETED: You will often undervalue what you have done in your Job. Many of us also don’t know how to communicate our duties for a potential employer.  A professional CV writer will be able to demonstrate your past and future value on your CV.
  4. DON’T DIY YOU’RE CV: Just as doctors, lawyers and engineers are specialists in their field, so too is a CV writer a specialist at advertising and selling your best attributes.
  5. SAVE TIME: The job market is highly competitive, don’t waste weeks attempting to perfect your CV, when we can have it done in hours.
  6. INSIDE INFORMATION: CV writers are in the industry of advertising candidates to employers, they know industry specific requirements, what information is needed and what many employers do not want to see on a CV. We write CV’s that are appropriate to the position you are looking for and applicable to your career level, yet remain truthful and honest.
  7. TRENDS CHANGE: CV "fashions" continually evolve and a CV that was once highly effective may now look outdated. Continuous involvement in the recruitment industry keeps us up to date with trend changes and expectations.
  8. SAVE MONEY: Job hunting can be a costly affair, especially when you consider the use of internet cafes, printing, petrol and wasted time. Being unemployed and paying for your CV may seem counterintuitive, however if you consider the financial implications of prolonging the job search by utilising an ineffective CV, it becomes clear that the investment is worthwhile.
  9. PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: Speak to one of our CV writing professional to get career guidance, clarify concerns and let them help you with the next step in your career. As a recruitment company we can offer valuable advice to help you secure a well suited position and grow your career.

We will continue to work with you, to tailor your CV until you 100% satisfied with it!

Put your best foot forward with a Job Giant professionally written CV!


For R250 you will receive the following: 
    • Professionally written CV emailed to you in PDF and Word format.
    • Cover letter suited to your skills and attributes.
    • Additionally we will upload your CV to 2 relevant job portals.
This process can take between three and five days to complete. 


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